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Within the internet's anonymity, it easy to get used to getting stuff for 'free' without having to offer anything at all in return. And, it is smart to severely restrict the number of organizations/companies to which you provide any personal information. We ask that you complete the five fields below in order to download this piece for two reasons:
  1. Our composers put not only hours of work into each composition, but also a little piece of themselves. We believe that it is reasonable, after providing you and your group with works without requiring payment, that we have the option of contacting you to find out how the piece worked for your group!
  2. We need to send you an accompanying license agreement that limits use of the piece to your group for non-profit purposes.

  3. We are a small company based in Portland Oregon, to which you can call at and speak with a real person. We will never sell or otherwise distribute your information.

We will happily accept a donation through PayPal but it is not required.

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