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non-mainstream Music

Title Genre Voicing Composer Click to Listen Click to Download
Carousel Choral SATB
piano acc.
Steve Kloser
Never Enough Pop Solo Steve Kloser
New Day Choral SATB
Steve Kloser
Sieg Heil Pop
(circa 1981)
Solo Steve Kloser

Contemporary Latin Mass
I remember writing this, but I do not remember when it was; sometime around '76 to '78.

The recording was done circa 1980 at Dynasty II in Los Alamitos. Tim Heintz on piano and John Patitucci on basses.

John was in a great mood that day and got creative with his acoustic bass on Kyrie and arranged most of the Agnus Dei.

There was an accompaniment part written out for the Kyrie, but the rest was played off chord symbols only.

The vocals were done by a young me and a wonderful singer, Allison neé Beach.

-Steve Kloser
Agnus Dei

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